GTA V Online: The Bounty Challenge - Episode 01

Birt á 2.02.2014

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The Bounty Challenge - Episode 01

Here in Los Santos the elite have a high stakes sport to keep them entertained: The Bounty Challenge.

One lucky contestant takes his chance at winning $1 billion by surviving the bounty placed on his head for 24 hours. Will he survive? Place your bets and find out!

Deity Dizeez as the Challenger
Lonereaper115 as a Bounty Hunter
Harrisonosirrah as a Bounty Hunter
Nutduster as a Bounty Hunter

Thanks to Tony Capicola for the main graphics and to Vizuvius for the Benefactor ads. To see more visit his channel:

Created on the Xbox 360. Edited with Adobe Premier Pro.

Runtime 00:09:33

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