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This is a video of another of the monthly, adorable & officially licensed Pocket Mortys Plushies by the wonderful people at Symbiote Studios!

This month say hello to Survivalist Morty!

So join us in finding out a bit more about this Pocket Roughy and ready fella!

This Morty adapted to the harsh conditions after the Mortyland Uprising, scavenging anything he could use to keep himself alive.

This plushie is 10 inches tall and made with high quality soft minky fabric.

For ages 4 and up.

This plushie has a very limited run of just 300 of these Mortys available worldwide, a perfect collector item!

They are all officially licensed from Adult Swim.

Join Ricks throughout the multi-verse as they get swept up in the latest intergalactic craze: Morty training. Collect all the increasingly bizarre plush Mortys based on the popular Rick and Morty: Pocket Mortys app.

Each Morty is limited edition, super soft and ready to go on adventures with you.

Pick up this super soft, high quality and limited edition Morty from Symbiote Studios right here before they all go:

Plus be the envy of all the Mutliverse - Not to mention be at the top of the Rick and Morty cosplay game with the ultimate in cosplay props! 😜

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Ps Download The Mobile App Game Pocket Mortys and add me on there, my username is Hogc, see ya on the battlefield! 😉

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