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mom said it's my turn to be plot relevant

[lore stream; can't read superchats today]

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0:00 stalling because Phil's internet went out
9:17 The Departure
21:07 The Prison
so consider it, i guess. i mean you get like. a sword next to your name in my livechat and comment section. AND custom emojis. AND access to the worst discord on earth. it's a steal. trust me. would I lie to you? definitely not. i am a paragon of honesty and virtue. hit the join button today


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Content policy: I am ok with people posting short clips from this stream on their channels. Please do not reupload full VODs or long-form (5 minutes) edited highlights of this stream (aka the kind of stream highlights that I might post to my own channel, like The Red Festival or We Won the Minecraft Championship). Videos that are a compilation of short clips from *different* streams are also fine.
For example:
"Technoblade yells at baby" (60 second clip) is fine.
"Technoblade Funny Moments" or "Technoblade 500 IQ Moments" (5 minute videos with many clips from different streams) is fine.
"Technoblade Blows Up Lmanburg" or "Technoblade Wins Tournament" (5 minute videos edited from one stream) is not; please do not do that.

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