Everyone Hates Turkey Tom (Major Minor Podcast Ep. 5)

Major Minor Podcast
Major Minor Podcast
Birt á 29.08.2018

Turkey Tom recently hit 50k subs, but it came with a cost. After releasing two videos targeted at various channels within the storytime animator community, videos have come out in rebuttal to Tom. While Turkey Tom's videos weren't perfect, they did expose some serious flaws within the storytime animator community, and the wide YT content creator community in generel. Creators suck at tacking critisism. In this episode, we detail the story in it's enterity while also catch up with whats been going on with wavywebsurf, and the ever elusive WillyMacShow. In addition, the trio weighs in on the recent Logan Paul vs KSI boxing match and other various commentary topics.

Runtime 00:31:29

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