Transit Videos From My OnePlus 6 [ October ]

Birt á 15.11.2018

Most of these videos were taken after I was done with work, along with some random fanning here and there to try out the camera and test the audio & video quality. These bus & subway videos were taken in various parts of Manhattan, Brooklyn & Queens.

Buses seen here are as follows.

1998-1999 Nova Bus RTS-06 Detroit Diesel Series 50 DDEC & Allison VR-731 ATEC
2003 New Flyer D60HF: Detroit Diesel Series 50 EGR & Allison B500R6
2005 Orion VII Hybrid: Cummins ISB & BAE Systems HybriDrive
2006 Orion VII: Cummins ISL & Allison B400R6
2011 Nova Bus LFS: Cummins ISL9 & ZF Ecolife 6AP1400B
2017-2018 Nova Bus LFS Artic: Cummins L9 & ZF Ecolife 6AP1700B

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Runtime 00:12:21

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