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Schlatt plays M&M's Kart Racing and has a good time.

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Hot mama. Have you ever seen a video like this before? After a terrific review of M&M's Kart Racing by Scott the Woz, Schlatt decides to play the shovelware for himself. He also eats Ghost Pepper Jerky - Which is why this video is so hot. No, I'm Not Attracted To The Green M&M. The Ghost Pepper Challenge is a tough one, And It Got Hot, Almost as hot as Schlatt and Minx being cute together, or Schlatt and Minx compilation, or Schlatt roasting Minx, or Schlatt and Botez or whatever I don't care I'm just putting keywords in here. Today's thumbnail is directly ripped off from TommyInnit and his Ninja Minecraft video, because I'm in awe at how many views it got. Must be because of the red arrow. Anyways, enjoy and buy my merch.

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