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GOT A HECTIC STREAM TODAY, so if you would like to donate for a request please donate via superchat until we figure out stream labs! We will try to get to as many as possible!
Today we have Monica, Lyle, Dan, Dave and Amin so it's a full house! I will try to get to as many requests as possible, but it will be a crazy time! hehe

Support the stream:
Due to the fact that I need to make sure I can get all (or as many as possible) of the requests finished within the timeframe of the stream- here are some rules to follow!!
for now please make drawing requests via superchat we can't always see streamlabs!

- 1-5$ Donation will earn you a greeting and a reading of the request and an answer of the question -if it’s something spoiler heavy I might respond with such! :D If your request is inappropriate or your username is in badtaste your request will be ignored.

- 10-15$ will get you a quick sketch request!

- 20$ and up will get a more specialized request! (character interaction or in a specific outfit, certain species, ect)

Sketch requests have be of my characters only so I do not need reference and can do it fast!! Don't ask me to draw a character from another show/property or to draw "you" I cannot do that.

Due to the high volume of requests a donation doesn't GUARANTEE your request will be done/read but I will do as many as possible!!

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