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Shiloh & Bros
Shiloh & Bros
Birt á 1.02.2019

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Hey everyone! So Shiloh was busy this week with producer sessions (where you meet with producers to act in their shows) so Elijah and I took this opportunity to do a video she would cringe at.....you got it, a pun video. Hope you enjoy.

Which pun was your favorite? And if you think Shiloh should join us in a pun video, comment down below so she'll see it.

There are some great pun channels on YouTube like puns of damage, the pun guys, and channels that do puns like the Merrell Twins and Liza Koshy. Do you have a favorite pun compilation? Don't forget Valentine's Day puns and puns about puns and math puns. We hope we were able to add to your list of the funniest puns ever

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