What Is Nimses? Pewdiepie’s Shady Ad Explained(Outdated)

August Valentine
August Valentine
Birt á 8.06.2019

No. The answer is no haha.

In today’s video I respond to pewdiepie advertising this potential mlm (multi level marketing) scheme to children and unsuspecting people like myself.Think of the social credit system currently in China. Yeah, it’s that bad. This Nimses app is simultaneously a crypto currency and a social media app, that markets itself as the future. But it honestly couldn’t get any more dystopian/Black Mirror than this. You literally sell you’re WHOLE Private life in exchange to “be acknowledged” on this app.

I see this as very dangerous for insecure and anxious people who crave validation from social media, as they have no idea how much they’re giving in exchange for likes and attention.

WARNING: unless you want your location beamed to everyone near you 24/7, want your texts saved, want your face and passport saved, among many more creepy things, do NOT get this app. #nimsesexplained #nimses


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