Battlefield V Update – Chapter 1: Overture

Birt á 3.12.2018

Battlefield V Update – Chapter 1: Overture, available now for all Battlefield V players.

In Battlefield V's live service, Tides of War, new experiences, evolving gameplay, and an expanding world will be available for all players – every chapter brings a new battlefield. Free to download for all Battlefield V players, Chapter 1: Overture brings a new map, a fresh untold War Story, and rich rewards as you progress through different challenges.

The Last Tiger, a new single-player War Story, lets you join the German crew of a Tiger I tank, operating a near-indestructible vehicle in an unwinnable battle on the homeland’s borders.

Chapter 1 also brings the Panzerstorm map to Battlefield V multiplayer. Clash with the steel beasts of World War 2 on the Belgian countryside’s rolling hills on this vehicle-based fighting ground.

Also coming in Chapter 1: the Practice Range, vehicle customization, and new Chapter progression rewards.

Join your squad and enter mankind’s greatest conflict in Battlefield V today:

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